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Easy Ways To Get Bitcoins TODAY

We know Bitcoin as the first crypto-coin ever invented. We’ve heard stories of rags-to-riches and market bubbles. In their way, cryptocurrencies are an attractive area for new investors.

You hear it on the news every day. But no matter what they say, the best way to learn the market is to participate. How you invest in Bitcoin will teach you more than anything you can learn online.

Bitcoin is popular among the masses. Yet, it’s commonly seen as something confusing to get into. How can you own a currency that may be “not real?”

Many services allow us to earn Bitcoin, whether it’s by completing tasks or exchanging real money. Once you get your first transfer, you can start investing and generate passive income.

Active Ways To Get Bitcoin

Online Exchanges

How to get bitcoin? As a crypto-investor, you may have heard of the mainstream websites: Coinbase, Binance, CoinExchange. All these platforms accept exchanges for a commission.

The fastest way is to convert your money to BTC. The mentioned websites work as Bitcoin wallet. You can link your credit card and convert money whenever you want.

The problem is, conversions aren’t free. Every website charges a flat and percentage fee for the service. It doesn’t become a problem unless you constantly transfer money among places.

That makes active investing hard. The best way to reduce taxes is to move larger amounts and avoid transactions. Flat fees range from $1 to $3, and percentages can go from 0,25% to 1%.

Physical Exchange

There may be more investors nearby than you might think. Some apps enable us to find these crypto investors and meet them to exchange money.

The process is simple. You contact the person online, agree on a location to meet, and trade. If you want to get Bitcoin, you bring the amount in cash. The person transfers you the set amount from his crypto wallet to yours.

This practice is more efficient. Websites charge more fees to convert money than transferring it. Compared to virtual exchanges, this method can save you 2%.

Earning Online

You can earn bitcoin by “grinding” on tiny tasks online. Unlike physical money, crypto-coins are less restricted, so there are wider options to make extra money online.

You could earn bitcoin playing video-games, visit websites, complete tasks, or write about the topic. After all, creating Bitcoin content helps to spread the word and attract investors, which is valuable.

Passive Ways To Get Bitcoin

The best way to get Bitcoin is to multiply the one you already have. Once you get your first amount, there are endless ways to invest it to make more.

Here are two efficient pathways.

Buy And Hold

 Bitcoin isn’t going to crash anytime soon. As the name says, you buy crypto periodically and sell it when it’s more convenient.

You never know what’s next, so the best tactic is to become a long-term buyer, no matter how the value fluctuates. Eventually, you will make huge profits.


If you choose to hold Bitcoin, you probably won’t give it much use. If you lend bitcoin, you earn a commission along with the buy-and-hold method. Remember to know your borrower to make sure you return your investment.

The Closing Line

As more people join the crypto markets, Bitcoin becomes more and more accessible. Within the next months, it wouldn’t be surprising to see world-class companies accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Some investment firms enable us to buy bitcoin directly from our credit card. It’s only a matter of time Bitcoin becomes a widespread phenomenon.

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